Welcome to the Academy of Math & Science (AMS)!

First off, AMS stands for the Academy of Math and Science for a few reasons.

This business was started out of necessity for students who were struggling getting through math and science in college. I started teaching these students not only how to do well in the class, but also to learn how to do well in ANY college class with the simple practices of efficient note taking, proper study methods, and the basics of both math and science.

So, this academy was started to successfully help people, even adults in the professional world, how to be better at math and science.

Now, this business has transformed into helping all individuals succeed at any stage in life when it comes to testing or taking a course. I have helped many people over the years become successful students including individuals who are now doctors, dentists, teachers, law enforcement agents, and more. I have written professional academic papers for prestigious companies like Ultius, and have spent many years working with professional learning companies to provide superb tutoring, studying skills, and more.

So, what do I offer?


If you want help just being a student, that is where I come in. From what path to take, how many classes to take this semester, how to manage time, etc. This is also known as academic COACHING. Just like a football coach, I will tell you how to do things better. I have some electronic material to send you on studying, note taking, and more. Check out the coaching tab for more information.


This is the most POPULAR service I offer. I edit papers for just about any form of writing. My portfolio includes anything from novels, dissertations, blogs, high school, all college, and even college entrance essays.

I also am the owner and editor of the blog Chemistry Cachet., which I write for five days a week. I also write professionally for academic companies and took many technical writing courses, chemical lab report writing, and more in college.


Another popular service is researching. I am highly experienced in research due to the nature of my intense degree, as well as my professional experience.

People hire me to research a topic in depth with great electronic sources, making everything easier on YOU!

See tabs below for the subjects or check out the tabs above.


My costs is very affordable and all payments are through pay pal.

Local customers may pay in person! As always send an email to asrochester@gmail.com for questions

Find your subject above (or buttons below) and see the different services offered for each or feel free to contact me with any questions.

References available upon request.